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The One Book Every Parent Should Own

Heather Popple Hints

By the time I gave birth to my first daughter, I had been working as a registered nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care for several years. I felt completely comfortable caring for even the sickest and tiniest of babies, but when the doctor swaddled my newborn baby girl and placed her gently into my arms, I was absolutely terrified!

They say babies don’t come with manuals or operating instructions, but I think maybe they should. When you haven’t had more that 2 hours sleep for days, family is giving all sorts of uninvited advice, and you are lost in a haze of diapers, feedings and spit-ups, where can you turn for the answer to the age-old question: Is this normal?

For most of us, Google is usually the first entity we consult, and while there is good information on the Internet, you have to be careful. Not everything you see is founded in what health care providers call “evidence based medicine.” Books, however, especially books published by and/or endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, are fantastic sources of information that you know you can count on. My absolute favorite is Caring for Your Baby and Young Child published by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

This book is full of all the information parents need to know. It is divided nicely by age (newborn to age 5), and it tells you what to expect, what is normal, and things you should discuss with your child’s doctor. Particularly helpful, the back section of the book goes through the most common childhood illnesses in alphabetical order, the symptoms, and how you can help your child. There are sections on learning CPR and treatment for choking, and extremely helpful dosing charts for common over–the-counter medications for you baby and young child.

This month, Irving Pediatrics will be having a drawing in our office where you can win a copy of this book! Come to see us and register for your chance to own your very own copy! The winner will be drawn from the entries on October 31, 2019.

If you’re not the lucky winner, don’t despair! The book is an available at most major book retailers, including Amazon and Barnes and Nobel for about $16.00. Most libraries also have copies that you can consult for free.

Check it out for yourself! You will not be disappointed!

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